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8 Days Climbing Tour around Kazbegi

This 5047m extinct volcano towering west of Kazbegi has much folk history. The
Greek Prometheus was suppo..

8 Days Climbing Tour around Kazbegi

This 5047m extinct volcano towering west of Kazbegi has much folk history. The
Greek Prometheus was supposedly chained up here for stealing fire from the gods, as was the Georgian Amirani, for challenging God’s omnipotence.
Amirani’s legendary abode was somewhere near the Betlemi (Bethlehem) cave,
4000m above sea level, where resided a hermit and many very sacred objects -
Christ’s manger, Abraham’s tent, and a dove- rocked golden cradle whose sight would blind a human being. There were taboos against hunting on the mountain and climbing it. Not surprisingly, the first to conquer Kazbek’s peak were foreigners: Freshfield, Tucker, and Moore of the London Alpine Club in 1868.
There is indeed a cave at 4000m, near the Meteo Station, which serves as the base for Kazbek ascents today. Somewhere around 5000 people a year climb to Kazbek’s summit, but it’s not for everyone: this is a challenging mountaineering experience that requires fitness and acclimatization to altitude.

8 Days Trekking Tour around Kazbeg

Day 1:  Airport transfer On arrival at Tbilisi airport, you will be met by our representative.
You will be transferred to the guesthouse where you can enjoy your dinner and get ready to discover the most beautiful region of Georgia.

Day 2: Jhinvali-Ananuri-Georgia & Russia Friendship Monument-Stepatsminda:
After breakfast, you will meet the driver, and we will start the tour. We will drive towards Ananuri. On the way, we will visit Jinvali Water Reservoir, a hydroelectric dam on the Aragvi River, which hides an interesting tragic reality underwater. We will visit the Ananuri Fortification Complex, which is a castle complex on the Aragvi river. In 2007, the complex was on the tentative list for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage site program. The fairy-tale Ananuri ensemble is beautifully situated on the Georgian Military Highway, on the shore of the azure blue Zhinvali reservoir. Zurab Aragveli, who is responsible for building much of what is now seen, was a ruthless local prince known for attacking neighboring mountain clans and even blinding his brother. Despite this, the complex he produced rates as one of the top sites of Georgia, with two churches and a watchtower squeezed almost impossibly inside massive defensive walls with huge battlements. Then we will visit Panorama, the “Georgia & Russia Friendship Monument” and enjoy the breathtaking view. After that, we will continue the way to village Stepatsminda where we will reach our guest house take a rest and get ready for the next day, enjoy your dinner in the guest house, and staying overnight in Stepantsminda.

Day 3: Stepantsminda-Gergety Trinity Church-Sabertce. (total trekking and climbing time 6-7h).
After Breakfast In the morning, we start walking to Gergeti Trinity Church. The ancient church, dating from the 14th century, stands at an elevation of 2170 meters, overlooking the small town of Stephantsminda, also referred to as Kazbegi, in the North of the country. Apart from its religious purpose, the medieval church used to serve as a hiding place. During invasions at different times in Georgia's history the national treasure was hidden there since it was hardly reachable for enemies, we will take a rest there nearby Gergety Trinity Church(optional) and continue walking to Sabertce mountain Overnight camping at Sabertce Mountain (3000)m.

Day 4: Meteo Station
Then we continue our way up to a meteorological station built in 1933, at 3680m. Overnight
camping at Meteo Station.
↑3680 m, (total trekking and climbing time 6-7h).

Day5: Meteololgical Station-Acclimatization day
Today we will have acclimatization day to be ready for the next day. We have to climb to 4100 m and train on the ice wall (optional) after that we have to return to Meteo Station to stay there overnight. We have to go to sleep early today as our climb begins at midnight at 02:00 AM. We will have snacks and start our trekking trip.
↑4100 m (total trekking and training time 6-7h).

Day 6: Up to the summit-Meteorological station
Early at 02:00 AM, we begin the summit trip. The route is 12 km long and takes 9 hours. The western path is narrow and leads us in the northwest direction. We reach the glacier from its southwest side.
From here we can see the second summit of Kazbegi. And then starts a long, tiresome trek on snow and ice-covered mountain flank up to the middle of the glacier. Later the trek becomes easier but the last 100m is quite hard – here we have to climb. After we reach the top we come back to the meteorological station. Staying overnight in Meteo Station in our camps.
↑5047m, (total trekking and climbing time 13-14h).

Day 7: Meteorological Station-Stepantsminda
After having enough rest we walk down to Stepantsminda town and stay overnight in the guesthouse, enjoy our authentic dinner and get deserved sleep.
↓2000 m, (walking time 4h)

Day 8:Transfer from Stepantsminda to Tbilisi airport

Included services:
·  Accommodation for one night in Tbilisi and two-night inStepantsminda (double or triple rooms)
· Two-way transfers
· Transportation from Tbilisi to Stepantsminda
· Transportation from Spetantsminda to Tbilisi International Airport
· Breakfast and dinner
· Professional mountain guide service
· Comfortable vehicle
· Sim Card – 1 No. with limited internet 2GB in Georgia.

Excluded services:
· Lunch
· Single room Supplement
· Alcohol beverages
· Climbing equipment
· Medical insurance

The best period for this trip: from 15 July till 15 October.
· You will have to bring your sleeping bags, ascenders (Jumars), all trekking and alpine equipment, clothes, and tents. Ropes will be provided here.
· Climate: There are frequently strong winds on Mt. Kazbegi. Better to have a protective face mask. It’s necessary to be in good physical fitness, because of the high altitude.
· Technical skills: Basic experience in moving on snow and ice is required.
· Food: Company will take care of all culinary matters. You have to take no meal with you (besides your favorite stuff).
· Overnight staying in camps 4 nights
· Climbing equipment should be hired in case if she/he doesn’t have.

Additional information:
Ladies require scarves in the Georgian orthodox churches, sometimes skirts too, but they can find some in the entrances. Short trousers are forbidden in the church.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Group size: 
minimum of 4 person

Terms and conditions:
● It is the client’s responsibility to obtain a VISA/Entry permit, Travel Insurance. We will not be liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the customer failing to ensure he/she has complied with such requirements.
● We ensure that we cover all the places mentioned in our tour itinerary subject to weather conditions.
● Any other activities during sightseeing are optional and the cost must be paid by the guest as actual.