Tbilisi walking tour

Visit the wonderful city of Tbilisi and enjoy its different beauty. Explore the most important places in ancient Tbilisi such as Metekhi Temple, Narik..

Tbilisi walking tour

Visit the wonderful city of Tbilisi and enjoy its different beauty. Explore the most important places in ancient Tbilisi such as Metekhi Temple, Narikala Fortress, Mother of Georgia, Chardin Street, Tamada Sculpture, Sioni Temple, Peace Bridge, Abanotubani district, and Leghvtakhevi  Waterfall.

Meeting and ending point:
We start and finish our tour at  Europe square, where you will meet our guide holding the company flag.
Starting point/time: Europe square(next to cable car) 17:00
Ending point/time: Metekhi church 20:00

Narikala fortress
The tour will begin with a visit to Narikala fortress, where we will use the cable car  to overlook old Tbilisi, with its amazing architecture and historical sites
According to the history of  Narikala Fortress,  it is dedicated to the 5th century, it was an important defense site with a good strategic location. Guests can walk around the castle.
From Narikala Fortress you can see two extremely different views.
On one side of the wall, you can see a busy, historic city, and on the other side a quiet, peaceful forest known as the Botanical Garden.

Mother of Georgia
An integral part of the Narikala fortress is the statue of Mother of Georgia by Elguja Amashukeli. She is a typical Georgian woman with a sword in her right hand and a cup in her left hand. What do they mean our guide will give you a detailed explanation.

Abanotubani district
From Narikala fortress we will walk down to Abanotubani. According to legend, this place became the reason for the founding of Tbilisi in the 5th century AD. Sulfur water flows naturally from the soil in the Abanotubani area and supplies about 3,000,000 liters of water daily and its average temperature is 47 °.

Legvtakhevi Waterfall
One of the best places for relaxation is the waterfall in old Tbilisi. Right in the middle of the capital, you can enjoy the beauty of Leghvtakhevi Waterfall. By the way, you can escape hot weather in summer and enjoy the coolness.

Chardin Street
After the waterfall, we will take the road to Chardin street, the most colorful and favorite street in Tbilisi. Named in honor of Jean Chardin, a French traveler, who traveled to Georgia in the 18th century and returned to his native land with great fascination. This street is famous for its nightlife that lasts until 5 a.m.

Wine degustation
One of the best places where our guests will be invited to Georgian organic wine. You can also get any information about Georgian wines

Tamada statue
The next sightseeing is a statue of Tamada. This toastmaster is a Georgian Tamada who is a main part of the Georgian table.

Sioni church.
One of the holiest places in Georgia. The first church was built here in the 5th century by the order of Vakhtang Gorgasali. The present temple is a 17th-century building that keeps the fourth-century St. Nino's original cross.

Rezo Gabaidze Theater
In 2010, Rezo Gabriadze built a unique clock tower with puppets next to the stateroom. Every hour an angel rings a bell and tells us the time. Twice a day, there is a small 5-minute performance called Life Cycle.

Bridge of Peace
The beautiful walking glass bridge, which is on the list of 10 most beautiful bridges. A sightseeing spot you must not miss, the Peace Bridge was officially opened in 2010. It is 156 meters long and consists of 10,000 lamps.

Metekhi Temple.
Through Rike Park, we will visit the St. Mary's Cathedral of Metekhi, located on the left bank of the river Mtkvari. According to the legend, the remains of St. Shushanik can be found here. You will hear interesting information as there is a statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali situated in the yard of the Metekhi Temple.

Included services:
- Wine tasting.
- Professional guide service.
- Cable car ticket.

Excluded services:
- Pick up / drop off
- Important:
- Have comfortable shoes.